Monday, May 7, 2012

If I should Return.

I saw a saying on a t-shirt once that read, "I have gone to find myself. If I should return before I get back please keep me here." Last week vanished before I had a chance to sit down and write and here it is this week which would have been next week if this was last week. Enough of that. A few discoveries: Deadlifts and row sprints are not a good combination.. It is a deload week and I always feel as though I am not doing enough during these weeks but I know why I am doing it. So shut up and do it.

Row 500 meters
Squat 5 @ 70/5 @ 90/5 @ 105
Dead lift 5 @ 115/5 @ 140/5 @ 170
DB Bench press 3 x 10 @ 35
Ab wheel 3 x 5

I am starting a new type of Wendler program that will, hopefully, help my squatting. We'll see.

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