Monday, May 21, 2012

I Owe You.

I owe you a couple of days of workouts. Both Friday and Saturday were a wash. No sense in rehashing a couple of bad days.
The Old People With Attitude website will, hopefully, be up this week and I will post a link when it is ready.

Row 500 meters
Squat 5 @ 70/5 @ 95/5 @ 110
Dead lift 5 @ 115/5 @ 145/5 @ 175/3 @ 200/3 @ 230/3+ @ 260 (got 10)Predicted 1 Rep - 347
DB bench 20/17/15 @ 35
Had planned on 3 x 20 but after the first set I knew that wasn't going to fly.
Ab wheel 3 x 8
Reverse hyper 3 x 10
I am going to add reverse hypers in 3 days a week because it makes my back feel good.
Row Sprints 5 @ 225/:60 RI
1:46.2/1:47.7/1:46.8/1:44.4/1:43.5 Avg Pace - 1:45.8 Avg SR 30
This was a long day. With stretching and chatting nearly 2 hrs and even at that I still get the sense that I am not doing enough. That is going to have to be dug out and put to rest.
I may be dark for a few days as I am taking the computer in for some much needed maintenance.

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