Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Riffing on Monday's post about the sister in law that wants to become a trainer. It seems as though folks have somehow gotten it into their heads that just because you work out you can become a trainer. Kind of like saying because you have driven a car for a few years you think you can become a race driver. My area is over run with boot camps and little gyms that are headed by people who were told by their friends that they were really good and should become a trainer. Like people telling you are really funny so you should become a comedian. There seems to be a disconnect between being kind of good at something and putting in the work to be truly outstanding.
Being truly outstanding is a lifetime pursuit, a constant search for more knowledge and experience and investing the time and effort to really know your subject matter.
I would see this all the time in CF gyms; someone would post some decent times in the benchmark workouts and they would get kind of strong, they would go to a week end certification and the next thing you know the newly minted "coach" is on the floor teaching a class. It takes years to develop the critical eye you need to teach someone to move properly. It certainly takes a lot more than just being good at exercise.
In closing, don't let me catch you doing that shit or I will call you on it.
And here is a link to my article How To Injury Proof Your Crossfit Gym.

Ellip 5 minutes
Did Dan John's warm up there are 2 videos one is the warm up with goblet squats and the other is doing the Bootstrapper squat which is what I substituted for the goblet squats.
2 rounds of:
10 halos ea way
5 windmills ea side
10 bootstrapper squats
Press 5/3/2 @ 85/90/95
Back Ext 3 x 10

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