Friday, November 11, 2011

Slam Ball with Sheep

I tend to have fun with this sort of thing long after it has stopped amusing everyone else. If you are familiar at all with crossfit than you will know the slogan, Our Warm Up is Your Workout. Greg Everett had a great newsletter entry for today called Our Warm Up is a Warm Up This is two days in a row that I have bashed around the C'fers. I may stop tomorrow but then again I may not.
Row 500 meters
DROM and some foam rolling
Squats - 3 x 3 @ 45/1 x 20 @ 65
Bench - 3 x 3 @45/1 x 20 @ 105
DB OH Press - 3 x 5 @ 35
Weighted sit ups 3 x 8 with 10lbs
Box Squats 3 x 7
3 rounds of 25 Jump rope skips and Renegade Rows x 3 with 25 lb DB with 1 minute rest
That's all the fun for today and I must say I am really happy that I know how to include a live link.

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