Friday, August 12, 2011

Why So Serious?

I was looking over a blog by a guy that I used to work out with. He is constantly on the search for information about nutrition and performance. In and of itself not a bad thing but what struck me is that it appears he is, as a crossfitter, amazed to find in the mainstream literature the things that answer his questions. I have noticed this about c.f. ers. They seem shocked and almost disappointed to find out that real science exists and answers questions they may have. They live in a kind of bubble that won't allow them to look outside that bubble. When they do they find that not only are they not all that special but that by a lot of standards they are mediocre at best.
Today's Workout:
Row 500 meters
5 pull ups, 10 sit ups, 5 dips, 10 squats and 10 pushups.
(the pull ups are deadhang and I got them all chest to bar today)
Front squat
5 @ 55
5 @ 70
5 @ 80
Split jerk practice
3 x 2 @ 45
Row Uphill
5 x 100 meters with 2 minutes rest
The rows were not nearly as hard as I remember them being. I went with a 12" box and the damper set at 10.
They were all around 19 seconds not significantly slower than the 100s flat. Next week I will go with a taller box. This seems to help with explosiveness out of the gate but its just an experiment so we'll see what happens.

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