Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Rower Has Been Drinking Not Me

My default response to substandard performance on the rower is to blame the equipment. The rowers at 24 hr. fitness are trashed and so I felt completely justified in accusing the machine of not responding. The last few intervals of today's workout I got the thing down to where I wanted it but I had to  work really hard so, of course, it was the rower's fault. Wasn't it?

Row 10 x 500/1:30 RI
The last two intervals were play time:
on number 9 I did 10 hard strokes followed by 10 easy strokes
on number 10 I did a ladder of 5 hard/5 easy - 10 hard/5 easy - 15 hard/5 easy - 20 hard/5 easy

on the recovery heart rate chart I got a 3.9 which is the top end of good.
This is arrived at by taking your heart rate immediately at the end of the exertion and then again 1 minute later. You subtract the second number from the first and divide by 10 and this value puts you on the chart:
2 -2.9 Fair
3 - 3.9 Good
4 - 5.9 Excellent
6+ Outstanding

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