Wednesday, September 25, 2013

If Hatin' Work is Wrong I Don't Wanta Be Right

Does that make any sense at all. I have had to drive for the last four days and I am not happy. Some will say "You're such a wuss. I do that everyday all year round." and to them I say "you're a fuckin' idiot." I do not understand why anyone would subject themselves to that day after day for years. In addition to the health problems caused by excessive sitting there is the mind numbing tedium of being in an automobile.
Okay so this started out being about work and morphed into being about cars. I really don't mind work when it is at my house. So...I guess the car is the problem.

Blind as a post and dumb as a bat.
Once again poor eyesight makes me stronger.
Picked up the 80 instead of the 75.
3 rounds of
Goblet squats  5 @ 80
KB snatch  8L/8R

and that was it.
I was tired okay?

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