Thursday, April 18, 2013

On and On and On Dear Prudence

All quiet on the western front. Haven't come across any good articles to share today. The CF hater sites are played out so there is nothing fun to report. It did occur to me yesterday that the purpose of reporting on the madness and injuries in CF is not so much to bring it down but to make sure that there is a reference source for people who are considering joining the cult. As more people get involved there needs to be more, not less, places where they can go to find out the truth. A great quote by, I believe, Upton Sinclair says "It is hard to get a man to understand when his job depends on his not understanding." Pretty much sums up most of the CF trainers I know.

10 minutes of:
Halos x 10
Pump stretch x 10
Bootstrapper squats x 10
12 minutes of:
20 swings
jump rope x 1 minute
20 swings
push ups x 1 minute
20 swings
step ups x 1 minute
20 swings
cross walk x 1 minute

I checked my heart rate on the minute for 4 minutes after the work out and it was:

I am not sure of the exact percentages but recovery rate is a good indicator of fitness level so I may invest in a HR monitor to keep closer track of this.

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