Monday, April 29, 2013

Jesus, The Paleo Diet and You.

Just as Jesus, were he to return today, would not recognize the religions started in his name so would our Paleolithic ancestors not recognize the diet started in their name. The paleo diet in its modern incarnation depends heavily on beef. Cows did not come to America until the 1400's so our paleo friends could not have eaten them.  Indigenous diets have and always will depend on availability. the natives of my area might look at the modern paleo diet and wonder where are the white throated woodrats, where is the bear and elk and deer and acorns and lizards and snakes. You paleo people need to relax a little quit making restaurant workers miserable by asking for gluten free everything, quit pretending you know everything about nutrition because you went to a one day seminar, eat a pizza and some ice cream every week and quit being so damn religious about your little diet thing.

W/U (changed a little as I added in a 10 second beneath the bar batwing hold and 10 KB swings with each hand at the end)

Goblet Squats 3 x 3 @ 45
Ab wheel 3 x 5

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