Monday, April 15, 2013


Can you guess where we are going with this. First here is an article on what is wrong with crossfit endurance. He opens the article by saying "Not terribly long ago, I stopped dating a girl because she did crossfit." You can imagine that he wouldn't have anything good to say about CF after that.
And here is an article on Unstable Surface Training. Any trainers reading this blog, if you  have bought into the UST model, might want to do a little research on the protocol and then change your programming.
And now on to Program Minimum. A while ago I read an article that I think was by Jim Wendler where he said he was tired of answering questions about what people could add to the 5/3/1 program. He stated that they could add anything they wanted but then it would no longer be 5/3/1.
I thought about that this morning as I considered adding something to the PM model.
Warm up
10 minutes of:
10 halos
10 wall squats
10 pumps
Work out
12 minutes of:
20 Swings
Cross knee to elbow 1 minute
20 swings
Lunge 1 minute
20 swings
Russian Twist 1 minute
20 swings
Hindu push up 1 minute.

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