Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fun Stuff Right Here in River City

Mark Rippetoe has a new piece on T-Nation and you can read it here. The Prince of Posture, one Mr. Angelo Poli of Whole Body Fitness has some new articles up on Huffington Post and you can read them here. I had something important to say today but rather than write it down I went to work out and now it is gone.
10 minutes of:
Halos x 10 (5 each way)
Wall Squats x 10
Pumps x 10
5 minutes of:
Turkish Get Up (alt. L than R)

...and I'm out.
I will be going back to lifting next week. So the schedule for right now is:
Week 1 - 5/3/2 on the lifts
Week 2 - 3 x 3
Week 3 - 5 x 2
Week 4 - Program Minimum
Week 5 - Program Minimum

Rinse and repeat. I will start rowing again in October.

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