Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I have not yet learned. I still tend to overestimate my abilities based on things I could do in the dim and distant past. I then underestimate what I can do now. The row went that way this morning. I started out thinking I would do 4 sets of 10 minutes on/1 minute off. I bumped that down to 6 on and then 5 on. I will bump it up next week.
I lied about yesterday. I fully intended to go back and do the row but I went for a 1 and 1/2 hour bike instead.
TUESDAY'S WORKOUT (I fully intend to remember to make this bold before I post)
Row 500 meters
Push ups 3 x 10
Floor wipers 3 x 10 @110
Row 4 x 5 minutes on/1 minute off
1)1124 meters/2:13 average pace
2)1125 meters/2:13.3 average pace
3)1125 meters/2:13.3 average pace
4)1125 meters/2:13.3 average pace
Kept them all the same which is good.
See you tomorrow.

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