Friday, January 4, 2013

Houston We Have Lift Off

My exercise ADD is going into orbit. I knew about the Breaking Muscle site before but never spent a lot of time there. That changed this morning when I got so wrapped up that I didn't check any of the other sites I usually go to. This site has so many things to read and try that I could conceivably spent a few years and never do the same thing twice (kind of like Crossfit) Do they have Exercise ADD?

Elliptical 5 minutes
DROM including the following
Wind mill 1 x 5 each side no weight
Good morning 1 x 5 @ 25 (weight held behind back near butt)
Halo 1 x 5 ea @ 25
Explosive type push ups 1 x 5 ( I did this first set on a knee high bench)

Pull Up Practice (yes you need to practice)
Straight arm hang 3 x :15
Bent arm hang 3 x :10
Scapular pull ups 3 x 5
Bat wings 3 x :05 hold @ 35
(I did these on a flat bench)

Explosive push up (level 1 see above) 5 x 3
One arm farmer walk Right arm out/Left arm back 20yds x 5

Fun, fun, fun and I am not feeling too sick anymore.

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