Tuesday, January 22, 2013

OOOOH He's Here Again

Back again. Starting a new diet program to get rid of the old man fat that is showing up. I found a local market that makes really tasty lunches and dinners 6 days a week and they only cost $6.00 each. Having to make stuff myself is usually a deal breaker so this will go a long way toward keeping on a path.

Row 5 minutes
Dead lift 5 @ 235/5 @ 210
4 rounds/:60 rest between rounds
KB Snatch 7 @ 35
Pull ups 2
Hanging leg raises 9
Row 2K time 8:24.4/avg pace 2:05.3/SR 21
:43 ahead of last week the pace was :11 better and the stroke rate was the same

Row 5 minutes
Press 5 @ 92.5/5 @ 85
3 rounds with :60 RI
KB swings 15 @ 44
Push ups 10
Ab wheel 6
Row 10 x 200/1:30 RI
Avg pace 1:40.9/SR 27
This was an 11 second improvement on the pace and the SR was down from 28 to 27.

I am either getting exponentially stronger on the row or (the more likely option) I seriously sandbagged last week.

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