Thursday, January 17, 2013

Slouching Toward Refinement

It has taken a while for me to integrate KB work, body weight stuff, weights and rowing but I think I am getting close to a workable solution. I tried an aspect of self limiting exercise techniques today on the rower and I liked the results. I made it a point to take deep relaxed breaths through my nose as I rowed, then I would push the intensity up until I felt that I would have to start gulping air through my mouth and at that point I pulled back, recovered and then pushed it up again.I stayed relaxed and comfortable through the workout and felt good coming off the rower. I shall continue to use this and report back on the results. This breathing technique is described in the book Body, Mind and Sport by John Douillard.

Row 5 minutes
Press 5 @ 90/5 @ 80
(I think I started a little high on this one)

3 rounds of:
Swings 1 x 15 @ 45
Ab wheel rollouts 1 x 5
Inverted Row 1 x 5
:60 seconds rest between rounds

Row 2,000 meters
Time 12:08.9/Avg pace 3:02/Avg SR 20
The goal over time is to gradually lower the pace and overall time and to maintain the same relaxed feeling and heart rate.

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