Sunday, August 4, 2013

Why We Need to Man Up

Ross Enamait had this posted on his site. Everyone needs to read this and quit whining about how I don't have this or can't afford that. These people are the real deal. Strong, capable people have been built, for years, in less than ideal circumstances. So quichurbitchin' and get to work.
In other somewhat related news was this recent piece about vitamins and supplements.
Bottom line; work with what you have and eat as much good food as you can get your hands on.
I am starting an eight week strength practice cycle.
During the course of this I am just going to work on form adding weight when it seems appropriate. The focus, however, will be on getting everything right in the lifts.
The schedule is going to be;
Day One - Squats and Bench Press
Day Two - Dead Lifts and Military Press
Day Three - Off
Rinse and repeat.

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