Monday, July 22, 2013

Books. In Case Technology is Temporary

E-books, Kindle books, Downloadable books and every other iteration of electronic reading material has one fatal flaw; it depends, for its existence, on technology. Having all your reading material on these devices renders that material useless if the technology crashes.
Don't say you weren't warned.
I am considering adding a page on this blog which will have links to all my published works for your entertainment.
Been out and about lately and do not have the technology to post remotely.

Regular warmup plus the primal move warmup which I have added in for fun.
Press 2 x 5 @ 75
Dead lift 2 x 5 @ 225
Kettle Bell swings 2 x 45
Ab wheel 1 x 10
Pull ups 1/2/3/4 with :60 seconds rest
Row 3,500 meters

I shall now go to the blackboard and write "I will try to be a better blogger" 100 times.

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