Monday, July 1, 2013

Here He is Again

I'm back. I think posting on Monday is a good idea that way I have time to absorb and process things that I have come across during the week and give you a report.
That said. I have nothing to report. Been a quiet week all around.
Monday's Workout
W/U 1 round of:
5 halos each way
5 goblet squats
5 windmills ea side
5 pump stretches
2 x 5 press @ 75
2 x 5 Dead lift @ 200
2 x 30 KB swings
1 x 7 Ab wheel
1 x 5 pull ups with 80 lbs assist
1 x 9 pull ups with 95 lbs assist
It is kind of embarrassing to have to use the gravitron but my pull up strength has declined precipitously and I have to work on getting it back. Gaining weight doesn't help.

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