Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Your Cheatin' Heart.

Some one asked me if I would ever get over dissing crossfit. I asked him if they had ever been cheated on and lied to. He said yes. Then I asked him if he would ever get over it. He said no and I walked away.
The unbelievable arrogance of these people as they "discover" something and then berate everyone else for not knowing it. This attitude first began to bother me when the cf/paleo group "discovered" Dr. Weston Price. Aren't we special since we now embrace a book that was written in the 1930's. Really? It was the same when Mike Burgener invented olympic lifting and Jeff Martone invented Kettle Bells and Kelly Starrett invented physical therapy. I wish to take nothing away from the three men mentioned above as they are valid coaches and teachers it is their sheeplike followers that I have the beef with.
On a cf gym facebook page the other day was an article on squatting below parallel. The caption they had put above it was"Isn't it great when the rest of the world discovers what we have know for years." For years? The first cf workout was posted in 2003 or something like that. Not quite an impressive pedigree just yet.
The world needs to be reminded of these things and they need to be reminded over and over and over again. With about 5 - 15 certs every weekend, with thousands of new people coming into cf every month they will not get the real story and they will get substandard training and they will get hurt.
Our job, should we decide to accept it, is to make sure that folks have access to the truth about cf and can make informed choices not just based on cf's one sided bullshit.

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