Sunday, August 25, 2013

Correctives as Exercise Program

I've been watching the trainers again and it appears as though someone has led them to believe that a series of corrective exercises constitutes a viable program. They appear to have no clue. Where are these people getting their information? Who is feeding them this crap? I would imagine it's same folks who shove bullshit and misinformation down the crossfitters throats. Pseudo experts masquerading as loud mouthed, overbearing gurus backed up by fake science. Another case of the blind leading the ignorant.

W/U It is now the reset from Original Strength and about 10 exercises from Flexible Steel
Front Squat 6 x 1   (95/105/110/115/120/125)
Still not great numbers but the 125 went up pretty easy and it is 5 lbs over my previous max
Press 6 x 1 (90/95/100/100/100/100)
Weak sauce but I forgot that I pressed yesterday because my schedule was off by a day
Circuit: 3 rounds with 1:30 RI
Cut the rounds back to 2 or 3 this week from 5 because my delicate system is still recovering from going out of town for a week.
KB snatch 8L/8R
Pushups  9
Floor wipers 10 @ 115

...and out. I'll try to be more consistent about writing.

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