Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Good Little Sheep

Mark Rippetoe has done it again. This time on the subject of high-rep olympic lifts; The Fallacy of High Rep Olympic Lifts. Any CF'ers reading this. Get out now before its too late.
...and while we're talking about crossfitters. I read on one of their facebook pages about someone who because of their dedication and hard work was able to lose 96 pounds. OOOH, AAAH. That's great! The only issue is it took him 12 months which comes to about 2 lbs. a week which has been the widely recommended amount of weight for sustainable loss since long before CF was a glimmer in any one's eye.
You could also avoid all the work and draconian diet practices and just cut out a bagel a day to achieve the same results. I guess as long as they keep trotting out things like this I will keep hating them. Why can't they just shut up and exercise like good little sheep.

Dead lift 6 x 1 225/235/245/255/265/275
All the lifts went up easy
Circuit 3 rounds/ 1:30 RI
KB swing 35
Pull ups 2
Ab wheel 8
The circuit felt good today and I think I am going to stick to 3 rounds for a while.
Any one in the Inland Empire east of LA (you know who you are) that is over 50 and interested in training I am going to be starting a class in about a month. So shoot me an e-mail. campmac15@gmail.com.

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