Friday, May 16, 2014

Null And Void

This article by Al Ciampa pretty much nullifies anything CF has to say about prepping soldiers for combat duty.  Crawling, walking, Turkish Get Ups, KB swings, Deadlifts, Presses, Pull ups, KB C & J or Snatches and some sprints. I didn't see any stupidity in there. Its a solid program that minimizes the possibility of injury and gets real soldiers ready for deployment.
So...all you CF "warriors" and "elite" athletes take heed there is a vast difference between what you want and what you need . (kind of like a little poem what with the rhyming and all)

 Play around: some crawls, some squats some power cleans with the bar, some haloes and some single leg bridging

4 x 40 yd. farmer walks with dumbells (much harder than with the trapbar)
5 x 3 min. with 1:30 RI

Then off to the park for some rolling and spiderman crawls.

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