Friday, November 15, 2013

Movement Jam.

Musicians always steal licks. They work them over and over until it becomes theirs, adding a little here, taking away a little there. We can do the same thing with movements. Learning a series of movements and then combining them into a warm up or a whole work out. We can do a jello jam where all the movements are done in slo-mo. I am working on Chip Conrad's warm up now and tweaking it as I go to address areas where I am deficient. This process allows us to continually move forward as our mobility and skills increase.
Give it a go.
Today starts the last 4 days of the 5,000 KB swing thing.

5 rounds/RAN
10 KB swings
1 Press @ 85
15 KB swings
2 press @ 85
25 KB swings
3 press @ 85
It took 20:00. I have recorded a time of 19:32 and this may have been closer to that than I know because I forgot my stopwatch today and just had to use a clock with no second hand.

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