Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Over two weeks since my last post. I have been in a state recently and not up to the task. I have, however, found some new stuff for you to read.
A new article by Mark Rippetoe about Crossfit that reinforces what we already know. It needs to be said again and again as new people investigate the method. These folks need to have access to this information if they are to make an informed decision. Maybe if more people walked in the door demanding that safety concerns be addressed then the CF gyms will be forced to comply. Free market and all that.
Tony Gentilcore's site is great. Be sure to visit his Resources page for links to other sites.
Aleks Salkins site had this great article on movement. Directed toward getting you to check out Primal Move, while not a bad thing it did end up sounding like a sales pitch.
Gold Medal Bodies is a good bodyweight and gymnastics site.

Now that my readership has precipitously declined I must work hard to regain  your interest. Tomorrow on this subject we will talk about content quantity versus quality.

The workouts for the next 8 weeks:
Day One:
5 rounds/Rest as needed
Trap bar Dead lifts x 5
Ring Rows x 5
Goblet Squats x 5
Single arm KB swings x 5 to 20 ea.
Ab wheel x 5 - 10
Day Two:
5 rounds/Rest as needed
Trap bar Dead lifts x 5
One arm dumb bell press x 5
Goblet Squats x 5
KB snatch x 3 - 10 ea.
Farmer Walk x 40 meters

These will be alternated each workout and I will try to get in 2 - 3 days of outdoor workouts.
so it would look something like this:
Sunday - outdoor
Monday - workout 1
Tuesday - off
Wednesday - outdoor
Thursday - workout 2
Friday - off
Saturday - Maybe a row  or some sort of fun thing.

So that's it for today.

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