Friday, April 8, 2016

Why Are Young People so Weird?

     I was talking to a young person on the phone today and I got the sense that he did not have any idea how to interact on the machine. It was as if he were on another planet. There seemed to be several things going on while he talked and he did not have any filters so all the events occurred at the same time and this confused him.

     I think it has something to do with the concept of multi-tasking. The idea that they are capable of doing several things at once and actually making any one of those things work has taken over. The simple truth is that no one is good at multi-tasking. There are those who can do several low level tasks at the same time but none of them will be done well.

     I am convinced that this is why they are strange. Their world requires that they be connected via the device at all times but then never tells them how to go about it and it drives them crazy and then they get weird.
     I am not 100% convinced that older people are that much better because, now, they are adopting the habits of younger people and, in my opinion, failing miserably.

     The point of this whole thing well, there isn't any point. Just me taking up your valuable time to rant about how strange I think young people are.

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