Tuesday, April 12, 2016

When Is It Time To Say Enough is Enough.

I heard that question in a movie once. It went like this: If you love someone, truly love them, when is it time to say enough is enough? The correct answer is never and I hope that is the way you feel about my extended absences from posting.
Do ya truly love me?

I have been doing Alwyn Cosgrove's program from his New Rules of Lifting For Life and I am almost finished with a full 12 weeks, rare for me to complete a program, but since I have been making my bed every morning I feel like a new man.

Original Strength Warm Up
Elbow whip roll
Baby Crawl box (30 steps forward/30 Lateral Right/30 backward/30 Lateral Left)
Rock x 10
Nod x 10
Dead bug x 5 each
Bird dog cross crawl x 5 each

Tabata Row.
Total Meters 709
Average Pace 1:52.8
Average Stroke Rate 34

I will try to be more consistent

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