Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Now what?

Although not the right forum for this I thought it was necessary to share some feelings on what happened in Orlando. As is usual the first reaction is horror. It is not, how can this happen here horror any more. It is, how can this happen again horror. The right to bear arms people are polishing up their rhetoric for the inevitable onslaught of criticism, they will come up with all sorts of reasons why controlling access to guns will not solve the problem but they are, quite simply, wrong.
If the psycho in question had walked in with a knife there would have been one maybe two fatalities before he was taken down.
Gun violence is caused by guns and access to guns and that is it.  You can squeal and yell about protecting your freedoms all you want but the fact remains that 49 people had their freedom to stay alive cut short because you want to play cowboy.
It appears to me that this country and its citizens are just not evolved enough to be allowed to have guns.
Guns do not protect freedom, Consciousness protects freedom. Awareness protects freedom. Tolerance protects freedom.
...and that is all.

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