Friday, October 16, 2015

All Sciency and S**t

It recently came to my attention that some companies will use scientific studies to prove the efficacy of their product or contention and that they were relatively secure in the knowledge that no one would actually read the cited studies. They were right.
I decided to test this by writing an article on why I am the smartest person on the planet and one of the few who possess superpowers. Judiciously choosing keywords that I knew would produce results in Pub Med I was able to fill the references section of the piece with scientific studies that backed my contention. I came very close to publishing this article to see what sort of stir I could scare up, but, integrity got in the way, again, and I stopped myself.
The point is; the next time you see a claim by a supplement company or clothing manufacturer or widget maker that makes claims, backed by science, for the product in question I would suggest that you actually read the cited studies to make sure they refer to what is being sold, or, save your dollars and don't buy the pill that will make you burn fat faster or increase your recovery rate or send massive amounts of protein flooding into your muscles or will make all the rabbits in your yard go away or turn your dog into a water buffalo.
Here is an article that debunks the current bulletproof coffee "science".
Another one.
Here is an article about quacks that use fake science to back  their claims.

Some sites to peruse for better info.
Evidence based Fitness
Alan Aragon
Bret Contreras

There was another article which was the original inspiration for this piece but I can not find it right now and so will post it at a later date.

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